It is the season of discovery. Learning ones limits both inwardly and externally, has been at the core of this season so far. So naturally when Barry learns a new ability, we get to learn right along with him. Sadly this means we also get to watch him fall flat on his face. Still this episode brought out more questions, fewer answers, and the most speculation I’ve seen all season. Even last episode didn’t have this many people asking what time travel means in this universe of The Flash. What it means going forward? How it affected Barry’s past? And what in the world did Lisa shot out of that gun because I know it wasn’t actual gold. I certainly hope it wasn’t or them stealing things seems kinda foolish.

Beyond these questions, is the overwhelming feeling that the storm is upon us. Wells’ words still ring, maybe echo through this episode and we’ve just begun to see the repercussions of Barry’s Groundhog Day.

This episode opens where we left off and I swear my mind went off. At first I was thinking I was totally wrong in my theory last week, then as the episode continued I thought I was right and now I’m just confused. Thankfully Lauren Gallaway and Amy Marie (along with a very tired Andy) are on the case over at The Flash Podcast. Clearly the discussed more than time travel and in truth it’s their discussion on parallels and divergent events from the previous episode that peeked my interest the most. It was mostly interesting to learn about all the parallel in this episode with last episode. Instead of Iris discovering her emotions it was Cisco’s Brother Dante that learned to appreciate Cisco. This was a great foil for the Snart siblings who while they seemed close, could hold more tension as it’s subtly dropped here and there that Leonard isn’t sure about his sister.


Meanwhile our golden haired turned brunette vixen might be out to snare more than just a few bucks. Still even their discussion couldn’t stop from circling around to time travel and it’s effects. Highlighting for me Wells’ strange attitude towards Barry’s time traveling while reminding me that time was once altered before back when Blackout was out for Wells’ blood. It brings multiple things into play and makes me question if I’ll ever unlock this secret. I’ll admit I’m now more invested in this show and figuring it out than ever before.

Hypothesizing those secrets and potentials will have to wait till later in the post since I’d like to take this moment to say that I loved the set up in the woods. While Cold and Heat Wave didn’t play center stage like I expected, as the stopped the Flash without pulling a trigger, I didn’t realize immediately why the scene between Flash and Cold was so important. I mean I understood the setup, but the implications and what could happen didn’t hit me in full. It wasn’t until after listening to a conversation on Central City Underground and the guys over on the Flash TV Talk that I realized how cool it really was. It not only began to set up the code the Rogues use in the comic books, but also the dynamic that the Flashes have with their Rogues. The relationship is unlike anything I’ve ever read in comics and watching it come to life here well upon rewatching it, I just sat squealing like the fangirl I am. Yet I spent most of my time since the episode, not pondering Snart and friends on-going tension with Barry, but how Barry ended up in this situation. Since the last time he had to deal with a giant tidal wave of doom instead of setting up the future Rogues.

Fangirl Rating: 8.95 out of 10 “Bad Golden Wigs”

Time Travel! I could wax on and on about this. In fact I did with a friend of mine over the weekend and I believe I know why I don’t agree with most hypotheses out there. I do not think Barry merge consciousness. The reason is episode 15 proved Barry was destined to run back to that moment. After the super awkward bowling date of doom, Barry run to the morgue is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a doppelganger speeding along beside him. This copycat, this clone seem just as confused and isn’t mirroring current Barry at all. We watch as one seems to grow less distinct, less solid. They become transparent, fuzzy along the edges and then gone! Barry in a panic skids to a stop and end up at the now very familiar corner. Most would say they merged there, but episode 15 Barry has no knowledge of the future or a scene of what might happen…so why doesn’t it happen in episode 16?

Now understand I could be wrong and everyone else right, but I think I have an idea the merged consciousness idea sit so ill with me. Beyond the point I made above, it would mean that there is a plot hole since the very first episode with Barry having gone back and not usurped his younger consciousness. Now this could be explained away with Speedforce, but you can explain everything with Speedforce magic and that is no fun. So lets do fun! Basically my theory is new parallel timeline with implication that certain moments of events will occur. I’ll write a longer post about this theory later, but that is basically it.

Yeah, I know it’s not that exciting, but I want to know what other crazy people can come up with concerning time travel in this show. While you contemplate that, know that there is no NEWSFLASH this week as the episode airs tonight. If you want the episode description for episode 18 titled “All-Star Team-up” than go over to FlashTVNews. And I’ll be live-tweeting tonight and while she isn’t live tweeting both coast. Candice Patton will be giving away two t-shirts so keep an eye on her tweets for more information.

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