It’s been ages since I’ve written here and I’m proud to say that my life has settled enough that I can once again devote some times to this blog. Ironic that all the shows I typical follow are off on their vacations right now, huh? So here is the low down and what is going down on this blog.

  • First off, I’m not going to be very consistent. This blog and it’s maintenance is pretty far down on my to do list. Over the past few months, I’ve been busily handling other things and I expect that those issues won’t be living me anytime soon. So this blog might slip into silence once more or could become an active hive of my ramblings. It all depends.
  • BOOKS and more! So I’ve gotten back into reading from novels to short stories and comics, which means I’ve got book reviews I wish to share.
  • Bring the popcorn. I’ve been busy at the theaters and hopefully I can share my thoughts on what has and what will be coming out in due time.
  • ORDER SHALL BE RESTORED! A new beginning brings a new look and this old site needs a lot of work both in how it’s organized and how I present it. This is going to be a focus as well.

That is all I really have to share at the moment. I won’t make lofty promises of a timely release of articles and what not. All I can do is give, is what I will give and hopefully it will reflect well into the blog. I’ve missed it.