The new year has coming and a couple of days have past since the grim days that ended 2016. 2016 is a year marked with hardship and the loss of cult classics like David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Powerful voices like Prince were suddenly silenced. More recently there were the passings of the powerful force that was Carrie Fisher and her equally powerful mother Debbie Reynolds.

Yet seasons change and times go by, 2017 arrived and we’re now entering a far far darker world. Dark on many levels for many people for many reasons. It’s dark not just because of those dangers. It is the lose of those lights, those brilliant starlight people who embraced their differences and flaunted their differences. It is in these times that we have to follow their example. Their power, their light, their voices must be ours.

That is what we, as their fans and those inspired by them, must do to honor them. We have to thank them through action and bringing that hope and inspiration to others.