I totally missed last season. That is a fact. Hell, it’s a Flash fact.

It’s not that I wasn’t watching. I was watching and tweeting and occasion retweeting the episodes, but I failed to actually the review the episodes. Worst is that this season kept up that nasty little habit. I can’t assure you guys that this will change. I probably won’t be able to talk about everything I’m excited about or worried about in more than 140 characters. This isn’t because I don’t have much to say. It’s cause 140 character doesn’t take as much time as these articles. So, I’ll likely review the entire week of DC TV shows and other such shows all at once. If I have something particular to add about an episode it will be later on in the weekend or during the week.

If you want immediate thoughts on the episodes check out @cynical_hippy

They tend to help me out with the site and always have thoughts on everything.