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Bookworm Review: His Majesty’s Dragon

The classic beast meets boy tale set in the middle of the Napoleonic War; filled with intrigue, self-discovery, and pretty practical world building. There is no magic, at least no evident or visible magic and this first book gives no... Continue Reading →


[Bookworm Corner] Star Wars: Lost Stars

THANExCIENA! 4-ever! . . . I don't care what happened at the end of the book! They got married and had babies and lived a beautiful life filled with love and random trips to Naboo (cause it perfect for them! and... Continue Reading →

Off the Shelves: Cold Comic Catch up

Summer gives way to Autumn. The seasons turn and with it we exchange sunglasses for tissues. At least I and others did, catching the typical seasonal cold. While I battled the onslaught of this terrible productivity sucker that had left... Continue Reading →

Review: Star Wars Aftermath

Read it how you please, just don't hold to your preconceptions that the Golden Trio's post RoTJ stories will be detailed here. Interludes in, interludes first, or read the interludes at the end. No matter how you choose to read... Continue Reading →

Emergency Fangirl Report: The (Speed)Force Awakens Covers, Books and Promos. Oh My!

Last week was a good week for good fangirls and boys as iTunes and Empire drops doors at our social media and iBook doors. Starting if off were the amazing collector edition fold out covers that Empire Magazine shared on... Continue Reading →

Geek Girl Life: Join my 101 POSTS PARTY!

Grabs some balloons, tasty treats, and get ready to wiggle in your seats. I'm celebrating my 101st post! I feel like the additional 1 brings a sense of uniqueness to this event, next celebration will occur at 221 for reasons... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi

Recipe: How to make Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne Place 3 Key Components (Math, Sharp Shooting, and Piloting) into the bowl Add 1 whole Adventure Story  -Star Wars Flavored Only- Add 1/4 horrifying creature side adventure, leave callbacks... Continue Reading →

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