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Let’s Talk Flash Facts

I totally missed last season. That is a fact. Hell, it's a Flash fact. It's not that I wasn't watching. I was watching and tweeting and occasion retweeting the episodes, but I failed to actually the review the episodes. Worst... Continue Reading →


To Go or not to Go: A Force Friday Engagement

There are quite a few hours till Force Friday hits North America and the weekend explodes with Star Wars events, specials and sales. To some though this weekend is all for the toy lovers, the collectors and not them. Sure... Continue Reading →

A Truism about Superheroes

They are all selfish! This doesn't make them inherently bad. ¬†Superheroes, these ideals of selfless givers who are always seeking to benefit others before themselves are often the most selfish and thoughtless people around. Which is why they are so... Continue Reading →

Geek Girl Life: Cosmic Comic Explosion!

As the Spring Cleaning of the Convergence series at DC starts to slow down and the Secrets Wars start ramping up within Marvel, I figured there'd be little comic commentary. Since information on both of these typical spring events have... Continue Reading →

Gamer Girl Life: Things are about to get Wild!

So I picked up a new game. Not just any game, mind you. I picked up Wildstar. What is Wildstar? It's an MMO that came out a year ago from June 3rd (which is when I'm writing this). Some will... Continue Reading →


It is that time of year. The time of year that fangirls both eagerly wait for and secretly loath. It's the time of the fall shows season finale. That which heralds the coming HIATUS OF DOOM! We wave a somber... Continue Reading →

Geek Girl Life: 4th Ghosts of Weekends Past

Trust in the Force to remind you that you haven't written one of these for a while. Monday was Star Wars Days. The day I spend in agony as I see various sales and bargains go up all over the... Continue Reading →

Geek Girl Life: It Was The Best of Geekery, It Was The Worst of Geekery

Is there a breaking point? Is there a boiling point for each individual geek out there? Is it multiple trailers, too many teasers, articles on shows, or is it the business of fandom that makes a person want to float... Continue Reading →

Geek Girl Life: I Found My Lack of Star Wars Disturbing

So I fixed! And the weekend provided all the opportunities to rectify this terrible mistake. Mobile games, a comic and some truly delightful news proved last weekend was strong with the Force. I couldn't have simply have explored a galaxy... Continue Reading →

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