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Previously On…Star Wars Rebels Season 2

You might not know it, but I have been watching this show. Maybe more religiously than some other shows.  *cough*Arrow*cough* Part of watching it was to ease the wait for The Force Awakens. Which was hard, so hard. The other... Continue Reading →


Agents of SHIELD 3.10 ‘Maveth’

Death is not an end, it's a beginning. That is certainly true for TV shows and especially true for Agents of SHIELD which has a track record for bringing people back. The show saw off some characters in the first... Continue Reading →

The Flash 2.09 ‘Running to a Stand Still’

Nothing brings the holiday spirit to TV like a heart warming Flash episode. We had family, we had friends, we had evil killers intent on taking Barry's life and we got a bit more into the madness behind the method... Continue Reading →

The Flash & Arrow Crossover

For those paying attention, I've been out of it when it comes to review episodes lately. Accidently review Gorilla Warfare twice, missing Arrow reviews, and ultimately just being all over the place. However I'm planning to go into the mid-season... Continue Reading →

Agents of SHIELD 3.09 ‘Closure’

This episode brought Closure to...a few people. Mostly it brought an end of the ATCU and that particular storyline. With the stunning (not really that stunning) death of Rosalind, Banks, and those good little ATCU members, it clears the way... Continue Reading →

The Flash 2.07 “Gorilla Warfare”

After the gloriously funny and quite scary near two parter, Gorilla Warfare slowed us and Barry down. It's a nice little family affair, much like the recently passed Thankgiving except that there was a huge mind-reading and controlling Gorilla invited... Continue Reading →

Agents of SHIELD 3.08 “Many Heads, One Tale”

This season started with many storylines, divergent branches of a tree that was we (the viewers) could only see the edges of and not the greater whole. It's been both fun, painful and annoying to watch some of these storylines.... Continue Reading →

Review: The Flash 2.06 and 2.07

I've had a busy two weeks thanks to my real life interrupting my normal schedule. However that didn't stop me from catching up on my favorite Speedster and his crazy crew of characters. Sadly real life doesn't offer much time... Continue Reading →

Quickshot Review: Agents of SHIELD 3.06 and 3.07

I'll admit it! I avoid both of these episode until just before writing this review. It wasn't the themes, it wasn't cool storyline and it wasn't all the discoveries. I avoid the episodes because once again a black male character... Continue Reading →

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