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The power of the jedi is what they symbolize. They are in some ways seen as the fighting farce that is always there for night causes.That they’d protect and serve those that can’t fight for themselves. I think that is why I like them. They don’t lead with anger, they don’t let cute guide them. I know how easy it is to let anger control you. Learning the history of injustice againt cultures and innocent people itt so easy to lose my temper just hearing it. living in the middle of all that hate 1 confusion, and anger. Yet Jedi aren’t consumed or filled with those toxic emotions. Yet they don’t sit idle. They shouldn’t sit idle.

So I hope that the Jedi do not end.


Thor is going to Rock! Like heavy metal kind…

<ahref=""></a&gt; Looks like we've got a trailer for Thor and it's a huge departure from the other movies. Or is it? It seems to carry much of the same humor and wit from the previous movies and from the Avengers.... Continue Reading →

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Extended Trailer – Brings some sanity to this story Yesterday brought many people together to watch. . . commercials! Yes there was a have, but honestly most people I've talked to are in it for the commercials. And thank goodness for that cause as far as I know... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Episode VIII…

Yes, I know I'm late. Blame college classes and homework. I'm surprised I got it on Twitter. Anyway... Episode VIII the next movie in the Skywalker saga now has a title. And it's almost predictable in how unusual it is. ... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Flash Facts

I totally missed last season. That is a fact. Hell, it's a Flash fact. It's not that I wasn't watching. I was watching and tweeting and occasion retweeting the episodes, but I failed to actually the review the episodes. Worst... Continue Reading →

Passing into a New Year

The new year has coming and a couple of days have past since the grim days that ended 2016. 2016 is a year marked with hardship and the loss of cult classics like David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Powerful voices... Continue Reading →

It's been ages since I've written here and I'm proud to say that my life has settled enough that I can once again devote some times to this blog. Ironic that all the shows I typical follow are off on... Continue Reading →

STAR WARS REBELS – The season thus far

So I might have missed out on reviewing a season finale, a season opener, and most of the first half of the season. That won't stop me from sharing my thoughts on what has been the most dissected season of... Continue Reading →

Bookworm Review: His Majesty’s Dragon

The classic beast meets boy tale set in the middle of the Napoleonic War; filled with intrigue, self-discovery, and pretty practical world building. There is no magic, at least no evident or visible magic and this first book gives no... Continue Reading →

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